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    no Keeri...sorry to say did not find the solution to the problem yet...did not try CND for the same reason as you....don't know....thinking about wraps or acrylic maybe?
    Hello Aldinic,
    My name is Kerri. I too am having terrible problems with allergy, blisters, redness swelling. I have been using gelish for past 6 months. I am just wondering how you are getting on? Did you try Shellac or Brisa? I can't afford to buy a new lamp and system only to find I am allergic to this too.

    Would love to hear if you found a solution?

    Kerri x
    So sorry for the delayed answer I have been so busy and havn't been on here for ages. I have never had any reactions or clients that have, but what you describe sounds like an allergic reaction, If I were you I wouldn't put it on myself, and be sure to wear gloves when using on clients... hugs
    You would be welcome! I do have a lot and my husband always ask if I really needs more... hmm yes ofcourse I do right?
    Ha, I am from Croatia but an English teacher ...suppose I thought that you are older because your work is amazing.Thank you for your advice.I buy gelish on ebay from the USA it is much cheaper than here in Croatia....I sent message to nail harmony Croatia on facebook wondering if they have classes and it has been month without any answer,very sad when I watch all the design courses they have in the UK...
    LOL feel older, usually wear glasses and a ponytail so you are not completely wrong :) My english is probably old school, cause ot is not my first language, so tend to write and speak as learned in school and picked up in movies...
    Gelish is fun! I have clients comming to me every 3 weeks, some could go longer inbetween but regrowth is main reason they come back.
    Please be aware that when you paint with acrylic paints, be sure to leave a margin for the top coat to grap on to or seal edges very well, and not to much of the nail covered with paint, it can chip then..
    Thank you very much for your kind comments.

    You can paint a bit with gelish, but it tends to run, so I do the color/color fade or likewise, then dry-brush it like you do foundation-layer, then you can paint on top like any other surface (if just stripes and lines I don't bother to wipe)

    I hope this helped you, otherwise please write me back :)
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