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  • Hi Alex, i just wanted to thank you for the article in last months scratch mag, i ment to come and say thanks ages ago but all sorts of things got in the way! You know how it can be, anyway, i hope you are well, take care,
    Hey Alex,
    I'm not planning on coming until maybe Oct. Sam Sweet h
    asn't let me know the exact date. I hope all is well with you. I rarely check this board, so use my regular e-mail to contact me.
    Hi Alex!
    I was wondering if you could help me out?
    I'm looking for two copies of a Scratch mag, August 2007 Issue, with the article featuring our Valentine's comp here from on the Geek site.
    I posted a thread on chit-chat and a fellow geek suggested I enquire with you? I want to laminate one copy (cover page of the mag, and the two pages of the article) and use the other copy to snip out the pages to put in my portfolio of diplomas/nail pics etc...
    Hoping you can help.
    Thanks oodles!
    Hi Alex, it was absolutely fantastic meeting you at the event! I am so pleased that you won an award!! You are a very special person and a great writer, Oh and i still absolutely love your boots!! lol. Jo.xxxx
    Hi Alex
    I work at a large technical college and teach nail services. in the past year we have put on an excellent fashion show for the nail and make up students. This year we are producing photographic work, do you ever have articles wrote about this type of educational work? if so it would be really nice to show you what the students have been producing. Kind regards.
    Hi Alex I have more Pics to send you will do it tonight for you when I get the twins down.....

    I have one really funny one with one of the twins doing the nail training yesterday he looks fab
    Hi, I was wondering if you can help me.I would like to subscribe to the Scratch Magazine,but i haven´t got a credit card,i could only pay by paypal. is thete any chance at all that you can help?

    Hi, I was wondering if you can help me. I subscribed to Scratch a few weeks ago online but have had no confirmation and haven't recieved the mag yet. When is it released? Is it normal not to recieve confirmation? (I'm worried I've done it on the wrong website or something and I've put my bank details on! - Yes, I am a fanny) Lol.
    Hi hun!!!! Have been away now for a little while now so am afraid have lost touch with almost everyone!!!! Nice to see you here!!!! With the risk of sounding stupid; are you back in the UK now??? Big hug!!!!!
    hi sam i am so thrilled the times have changed back for the nailympics i was starting to think i shouldn't enter this year lol....just a you have to do both hands pink and white? do you get mared down if you do one hand natural and then polish? xx
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