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  • aww thanks a lot I love it, i must try that slogan, yea i use sun labs too, i love it, tried to find out about it on here couldn't find many that use it, thanks hun xxx
    Thats a pity Ali, you might find that might change in the run up to christmas with people wanting to look nice for their parties. I use sun labs and trained 2 years ago. Most people love the sun labs. Theres a really interesting thread on here about advertising tans for christmas. Some people were using phrases such as "dont be a snow white this winter be the fairest of them all with a tan"! I thought that was brilliant, hopefully its something you could try? Best of luck xxxxx
    Hi Ali
    How did your course go? Do you like the tan? I trained with ASU for tan too and thought they were lovelyand really supportive.x
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