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    Help with male nude tan

    Ive sprayed my hubby nude, cant imagine spraying a stranger nude ... wonder if u coukd insist on a thong 'for hygeine reasons' ? Then get them to pull it out a bit and do a quick spray down it without looking ?
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    Male intimate waxing

    If I was the man laid on the couch I wouldn't dare mess with the girl with the power to rip my pubes out:lol: I dont think it would br likely that anyone would try it on really, im assuming there will be peiple in earshot of a shout for help. Plus you have their name and address and stuff so...
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    Age ranges

    Skin starts to age in the late twenties or early thirties so this is when I wouldn't class it as 'young' any more. But really I think it depends on the individual person and condition of the skin. I wouldn't say 'Right you've hit 30 its now mature' I would describe mature skin as showing...
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    Nail lacquer and enhancements

    You can put normal polish on top of acrylic but not underneath , be sure to use base coat or it might stain too, then when you want to remove it you will have to use acetone free nail varnish remover, if you want the colour to last as long as the acrylic then you will have to just use coloured...
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    Acrylic & gel?

    what if you do the acrylics as normal but after you have filed them over with your 100/100 and brushed away the dust put on a layer of base gel and apply your gel as normal after that ?
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    Sienna X problems

    I have never used sienna x's rapid tan but I have used other rapid tans and thought that while you can take it off a few hrs later and look tanned they still take longer to develop fully
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    Microdermabrasion / Dermalogica medibac

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on my own skincare (I haven't done my level 3 yet) so, I have combination skin which seems to be getting dryer. On my T zone this isn't a problem but on my cheeks this causing some milia / whiteheads to form. My skin is usually clear,I have a...
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    Gelish selection opinions?

    Yeah I was thinking that too, not really sure which ones.. I was considering 'caution' and a dark green called 'a runway for the money' ... Anybody ? Are browns and burgundy popular ?
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    Pedicure advice

    AH WHAT THE !? Did u warn your clients that she doesnt have a clue ? I would have a firm word with her cos last thing u want is something going wrong and a client blaming you.
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    Gelish selection opinions?

    I picked pink smpothie up first then changed my mind lol
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    Acrylic strength please help

    How long have you had the liquid for ? I had a bottle once that I hadnt used in ages, it was so potent the house was unbearable. Put it down to being old...
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    Gelish selection opinions?

    I have; Ph bond, foundation and top it off (obviously) Your so sweet your giving me a toothache Eur do chic Grand jewel Black shadow Tikka tikka laranga Red roses Queen of hearts Simple sheer June Bride Sheek white do you think this is a reasonable selection to start with ? I...
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    New client pack/form

    Im not sure what you mean exactly by new client pack. My insurer has downloadable templates for consultation forms and treatment records so thats what im using. as for when I get a new client, I have a 10% off your first treatment offer and a loyalty card, also a full price list because I...
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    Beauty school breakout problem

    In my opinion, it sounds like your skin has been overstimulated, which can increase sebum production which could cause spots, also if your skin is getting dryer then that can go against your skins ability to slough off dead skin cells which again will clog pores. Cant they modify your treatments...
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    msximist evo

    Anyone have this machine ? I cant quite get the settings right... what do you use?