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  • Hey thanks very much for all your help! My tan is perfect, love the colour. Waiting to hear back from Jodie, she said last night that there was a few bits but nothing major! thanks :) x
    Hi Alison hope your ok... Just to let you know i have my 1st 2 paying customers next week...fingers crossed I have a had a wee bit of problem with using my gun but have spoken with Collin who gave me some practice tips..... I will let you know how it goes...Hope all is good..take care Denise x
    You need to get a heat lamp, glass file and a pushie thats it.
    Fingertips do demo days that is really all you need to do its quite straight forward a bit tricky but the end result is well worth it.
    There should be a demo video some where I will have a look and see if I can find it for you xx
    I do but not a lot of them.
    Its not very popular here its just down to the fact 80% of the population are over 60 :lol:
    Stoney does so many I think she does about 15 sets a week.
    Yeah tans turned out well thanks. Leanne had a tiny little white bit on her leg but nothing to worry about, no bad for first time lol. Thanks for your help in everything, really excited about gettin gup and running xx
    Hi Alison hows things going never often see you on at the same time as me :lol:
    You still keeping mega busy?
    Hi stranger :lol:
    I am in a bit of a dilemma too I just haven't enough clients every week and need to find another job!
    I am off to collage in September to do a NVQ in facials which I am looking forward to but a bit apprehensive.
    I am still using Perron Rigot which I am getting better at , I have heard about the DVD but not seen it wouldn't now how to go about seeing it :lol:

    Hairdressing would be great to get into then you could offer a huge range of services not sure if i could do it though.

    Life is never very easy hun :hug:
    Hi Alison,
    just checking if you received Lori's wax DVD as yet?
    best regards
    Hi Alison just wanted to drop you a little noty. Hope you are well.
    The tanning is going good a bit quiet but thats the way with everything at the moment :hug:
    Hi there,
    I was just reading through the forum and seen your thread about college interview. I have actually just come back from my local collage and I have enrolled as Level 1 Hairdressing. Hope your interview went well. Good luck with it all x
    Hi I was at the demo at 9 am and left at 3pm so it looks like we missed each other:cry:. I had on a t-shirt with Klassy Klaws Nails on the back of it. I cant wait for the Waxing Workshop I need some pointers with my waxing:rolleyes:
    I will have an early start think I will have to leave at around 6am to get to LBR by around 8am :eek:
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