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    Pinnacle Monomer

    Thanks Dawnie I'll give them try.
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    Creative Training

    Hi, this may seem like a really stupid question but here goes!!! Desperate to get into nails I looked round earlier this year for courses. As I worked full time and have a small child I decided that Essential Nails Acrylic Sculpting was the way to go. This was before I discovered this...
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    Pinnacle Monomer

    Does anyone know where I can purchase Pinnacle Monomer from? I am doing the Essential Nail Acrylic Sculpting course and don't want to buy the 'Products Pack' at £65 as I only need the monomer. :? Perhaps I should stop doing my own and everyone else's nails then I wouldn't run out...
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    Holographic powders

    Where are One Stop Nails Shops located? :? I haven't come across these. Do they have a website?
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    Training in the Midlnds

    Hi Caroline I would like to do Acrylic (which I have already done alot of, tips & sculpting) and Gel (which I haven't used much). I would also like to do a manicure course. I have found it really difficult to find information :?: , and my local colleges do not offer anything at all...
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    Training in the Midlnds

    :( Help!! :( I'm looking for training in the Midlands, but there do not seem to be many options unless you are prepared to travel to Manchester or 'down south'. Ellison's in Coventry offer courses, does anyone know of anywhere else in the Derby/Leicester are that will provided recognised...