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  • Just seen you and Adele are not that far from me ! will have to pop up one day for a gossip ! xx
    Hey Alison,
    how do you cope with being Adele's sis?
    Are you in that picture she has on her profile?
    Hi Alison,
    you are doing a sterling job holding the fort! How are you doing?
    tis very quiet without all of our lovely geeks.
    Welcome to the site Alison, you'll be on here constantly! Do you talk as much as Adele? No wait, you probably don't get a chance, lol! xx
    Hi Alison. I bet Adele has been telling you all stories about us all x x x :lol:
    Hiya, welcome to our world. Are you as potty as your sister, lol? Shh, don't tell her I said that :wink2:
    Have you told your husband you are now going to desert him every night to be with the geeks? I have heard it is gong to become officially grounds for divorce you know. :hug:
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