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  • Oh yes I think the best thing to just ignore. I have not seen one final result from other nail wraps that I have been happy with at all, I think the designs are not well thought out for the purpose, where with Minx there is no problem with this, and the end result is always fantastic!
    Ah I so agree with you about the Minx nail wrap designs, I am not impressed at all by any of the other brand designs! :)
    Hiya, Thanks for the comment about the salon,....the chairs are from Salons direct.
    Hairdressers do seem to bring in business. Best wishes. Hope you find something soon. x
    Hi, Sorry I'm a couple of days late getting back to you - haven't been on the site. I don't find it a problem being above the hairdressers, occasionally if I'm doing a quiet treatment I can hear their laughter (hairdressers!) at the wash basins, but it isn't a problem, and does bring with it plenty of eyebrow waxes, etc. Whereabouts in Derbyshire are you?
    thanks for the picture comments :) i dont actually know what size the brush is i just bought a pack of brushes that had 4 or 5 different ones in from my local sallys to try.and yes i am just having ago myself and to be honest its not going that great but i think thats partly because the acrylic paints i bought are not quite right.xx
    Hey, thank you for your message :) x sorry .... I haven't been on here for a while as my PC broke down so using hubbys
    I do hope you are well .... its so hard losing a Mum , sometimes I feel so sad too .... people say remember the happy times , I try too but like you I still feel so lost and bereft :sad: .... and sometimes very numb too .... and when someone in the supermarket says hey Mum look at this !... I feel so sad and when someone was looking at a prezzie for her Mum the other day in the gift shop that's when I fall apart inside .... :sad: your right though!... our Mums would only want us to be happy .... so we will keep our chins up .... sending you lots of hugs :hug:
    x minky
    thank you so much i just took a look at it and ur not wrong about the price diff! thank you i need to save a few pennies wherever i can because there are so many courses that i want to do lol xx
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