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  • Hiya! Thanks for the compliment, it really means a lot to me! The chair is from a range called Chateau, so if you google that loads of places sell them. Is your facebook page details on that thread? I'm working my way through adding all of them to my 'likes' but I'm only up to page 10 of the thread and I think therer are over 30 now! xx
    Hey hun, Random question... i saw on a thread that you use the Ellipse Machine. Can you tell me of your experience with it as im looking at purchasing one. how were the results etc? any problems break downs? Sorry to be a pain! Desperate for info! Xx
    Thank you so much for your eamil Susan I am looking forward to having a play about over the weekend. I really appreciate your help xxxx
    Hey Suze, glad you enjoyed Dublin and the hd brows course. How are the lashes coming on? Have you got your timings down yet? I ended up going with GlamLash in the end, wasn't convinced the other training was worth the extra money after speaking to another geek on here. Really enjoying doing them though it takes me ages.
    Just popping in to say Hi. Have you done your Brows course yet? Hope you enjoyed Dublin xxx
    Hi there, just wanted to say keep plugging away at those lashes. You will get there. It seems frustrating and that it will never happen, but all of a sudden it will all "click" and you will wonder what you ever worried about! Honestly xxxx
    Good luck, and keep going x
    sorry I didnt mean to hijack your thread like that although I think it was hijacked before I got there lol only im not as rude as some peeps xx
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