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  • Hey Alpina, I have a lady moving to Sydney in December, do you know of any hot waxers in that location?
    Thanks for getting back to me. I'm finding it really hard to get the Belmacil and will probably opt for Refectocil or Combinal. Good to hear another person that finds Refectocil good as I will probably end up going with that!
    Oooh ah, you've jazzed up your page....
    Thinking of you this morning as Cyclone Ului hits the Queensland coast. Hope you remain out of the way.
    so you doubly agree with me, hahah on my blog too, yes am looking into danne and microderma to start, thats the goal, so many factors i had nebver considered
    .....eeek brain overload
    we were in rockhapton by the way, went to myella, know of it?
    i like your last advise, yes ppl do tend to either attempt to demotivate you or put my career down, it does my head in, even my boyfs mum who sees me work hard night and day for other previous employers kind of downplays my career, " why dont you go into an old folks home and rub their hands,,,ye know put a bit of cream on and they love it " ...ooooh tongue biting tme, as if i dont know HOW to do a massage, and i need t make an earning , tickling old ppl is not what i want to do, god forgive me and i love my own nana but when i say i want to so mobile skin clinic THATS what i mean
    danne is amazing....fab results
    i want to do that alongsde microdermabrasion mobile and then have my wax parties, tans, mani pedi's as my bread and butter treatments to keep me going, but have them as separate companies, if tis makes sense, maybe im worng but i always believe pll latch on better to ppl that soley "specialise" in one area.... they love it, so thats the idea!
    am i mad?
    Hey there, thanks for the ad, also glad to hear that you may have felt similar in the beginning, this site is addictive, i am not long home from australa, what part are u in?Loved it, see your love is skincare too, have you ever used danne montague king? love it for results, sothys is your love? your salon is fab by the way, im enviuos, i am reserachjing my own mobile skin clinic at present, any tips you may have would always be appreciated, we can only keep learning!!
    thanks again missus
    What is wrong with these educators.. I am still waiting too.... You would think they would want the money to teach.... is that not why they did their educators course?..I have almost given up... if they can't even return a phone call how good can they be?.

    You are one up on me... my teacher spent most of my lessons on the phone!... would never reccomend that college
    Hi Ange,
    If you don't mind me asking how much was your creative training and how long was it etc... I have been calling my educator in this area for 3 weeks and neither of them have been bothered to call me back,.., not impressed. x mel
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