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  • Hi honey, sorry for the slow reply, it's taken me so long to get onto a computer. Was a great day at pro beauty, apart from all the crazy people pushing and shoving! I went with deal 2 for the new Shellac and I'm absolutely in love with the new colours! Didn't buy much else though, as I found that when I was waiting and asking about things some of the girls working on the other stands were very rude so obviously I didn't want to spend my money with them! What else did you buy? Did you see Joey Essex from The Only Way is Essex? He literally had a swarm of girls all around him poor bloke! xx
    Much better thanks. Thomas is really good and Lucy does actually listen to me now if I get down to her level and tell it to her straight. You know what kids are like, give em an inch and they take a mile, so now I have toughened up a bit, they know where they stand. How old are your kids?
    My mum is an absolute nightmare bless her! She's got problem nails anyway, they're really dry and they're flakey, she never uses solar oil, she never wears gloves...so I think the 7-10 day mark is good for her.

    I like the look of the Martha Stewart glitters but I had already started buying the glitters from S2 and also some Stargazer ones. I've got a bit of a thing about having too many different brands lol!

    Well let me know when they arrive and we can arrange a little rockstars and business gossip session xx
    Try not to worry about the 14 days too much, as like Lucy said some clients won't get the 14 days. You never know what the client does to their nails once they get home. Most of my clients have gone about 3 weeks, and I myself had the last set on for 3 weeks 2 days before I couldn't stand the re-growth anymore! My mum however manages to ruin them within about a 7-10 days!

    Of course I can take you through the Rockstar process, when are u expecting your glitters? I have just taken my first delivery of foils so if I can work out how to do it then I'll show you that too :) xx
    Hiya, the rrp for the pinkies is £3.95 but I sell mine for £3 and they sell really well :) Hope you're getting on with everything ok xx
    You are so welcome! I thoroughly enjoyed it too, you were a pleasure to teach! How did you get on with your mum's nails? X
    Yeah it's good to have someone to talk to, I'm sure the hairdressers are fed up with me talking about Shellac!

    I do most things, mani's, pedi's, shellac, l&p, threading, waxing, facials, tinting, swedish massage, deep tissue massage, make-up, cluster lashes....think that's everything.

    Feel free to pop in anytime and we can have a coffee and a chin wag. If you need any practice I'd more more than happy to be a model for you, in fact it would be a nice treat for me! Xx
    Oh it's a small world! Do you know Koncept Hair Design by Fryern Arcade? I'm in there :) You must be excited about moving to Sydney! I hear beauty therapists get a good wage down there xx
    Haha yes I know what you mean, my job is my life and it's all I talk about! Good on you for going on the training, and congrats on passing! Practice makes perfect :) If you ever want to pop in for a chat or any advice or anything, you're more than welcome to come into the salon. I'm in Chandlers Ford, I rent a room above a hairdressers xx
    Hi hun, of course I don't mind. Lucy is lovely isn't she?! :) I went to her to have my first Shellac manicure and have seen her at the Bournemouth academy. I didn't do my training with her though. Where abouts in Southampton are you? Xx
    Yeah, she was okay today but to be fair, we didn't really do much today, just normal school walk which was okay, to my friends and then back home. No major tantrums. My son has just walked down the stairs from his bedroom asking for a kiss and a cuddle, sweet, he should be in bed though!! Aah, love em really.
    Well, we were doing alright until today. After about 10 minutes of me trying to hold her hand to stop her running off, she escaped just as I was opening the car door, she ran right out into the car park from behind the car, across the car park and onto a grass verge towards the road. I ran after her and I must admit, she did get a smacked bum for that! We went home and she went to her room where she proceeded to have a major tantrum!! Kids eh! Why do we do it? She was doing so well as well.
    Thanks for your nice comments about my kids running riot. Its nice to know I am not on my own and other people do understand. Sometimes you just feel like you are going mad!
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