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    How to get rid/minimize the monomer smell? Help appreciated

    You would be far better off removing the toxic fumes from the air so you and your clients don't breathe them in rather than masking the smell and putting more fumes into the air. The smell from acrylic is a good thing as it lets you know that it is in the air, if you can't smell it you are still...
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    How to get rid/minimize the monomer smell? Help appreciated

    Check out Ravair.
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    Own tanning product?

    With respect, you don't know what you are talking about and if you label your spray tanning solution as 100% organic you are missleading the public and that would be an offence under US, UK and EU law and almost certainly under Australian Law. Can water be certified organic? Because water is...
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    Own tanning product?

    "I don’t think I have ever read a more ill informed post in my entire life. Aloe Vera based indeed!" Couldn't agree more! we have Aloe Vera in our solutions but it is a gel, if the solution was all Aloe Vera you would spread it on, not spray it! As I previously stated, to my knowledge, ALL...
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    Own tanning product?

    "for us it's the fact that our products are Organic and Palm Oil-Free that makes us stand us and it is this that has made us successful" We have been in the Spray Tanning Industry since 2003, one of the first 5 exhibiting at professional beauty. I have never seen a solution that is not made...
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    What's the difference between HEMA-free and hypoallergenic?

    The Swedish Filter Company must have increased the power on their unit from 100 metres per hour to suck up a glove!
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    What's the difference between HEMA-free and hypoallergenic?

    "Invest in a professional dust/vapour filter, like the unit from Vodex." Why do you recommend a "Vodex" when you already stated in a previous post, that you use a "similar but different product from Sweden", not capturing 100% of the dust" and needs a dyson in the room as well? Sep 30, 2019...
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    Build in dust/fume extractor is not sucking

    The most powerful nail dust extractor of it's type that actually works is the InDesk/OnDesk by Ravair Ltd, there is a demo on youtube. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and is on offer at the moment. They will be exhibiting at Professional Beauty Excel at the end of March if you can...
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    Build in dust/fume extractor is not sucking

    Hello, What is the make and model?
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    You could buy the Ravair In desk/ On desk nail dust extractor which is on offer at the moment and if you don't like it return it within 30 days for a refund. (they have never had one back) With a 23 metres per second downdraft (HSE Coshh SR13 requires 1 metre per second), this unit is the most...
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    Lash tech has become sensitive to adhesive

    Most, if not all of these adhesives contain Cyanoacrylate which is basically superglue. We had a lady that was applying this glue in an electronics factory in a small "booth" and was having many days off sick. Her employer bought a ravair wall mounted fume extractor and placed it on the desk in...
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    Eyelash glue causing me headaches

    Hi, Take a look at Ravair. The wall mounted fume extractor has a special carbon filter that will remove " Adhesive Glues associated with eyelash extensions etc (Cyanoacrylate) and Fully meets HSE Coshh SR13 regulations" These fumes are very dangerous especially long term and will, almost...
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    Desk lamp

    Take a look at the Ravair Perfect Flexi LED their website. A bit more expensive but the best you will ever see, great for eyelashes as well and can be used mobile with a mobile battery pack.
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    Nail dust, Dyson fan or extractor?

    "We use a similar but different product from Sweden. We also use a Dyson. I originally bought the Dyson for a different purpose, but out of interest tried it in our salon. I was quite (!) surprised to see the the air pollution display was red - suggesting the Swedish filter was not capturing...
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    Dust extractor advice

    Look at for the best in desk nail dust extractor anywhere.