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  • Thanks for the heart AmeliaR, love Zephyr xxx ps: hope you are ok, its raining in Manchester so no walk today for me lol xxx
    Thank you for the heart Amelia, lovely to see you on sunday - you are always so smiley & happy!! xx
    Ah, another time! I love meeting geeks, that's why I de-face my badge!!!!
    Oh no! did you manage to get your New Colours back from the hotel staff? after doing a good turn for me, you so deserved one in return!! ET sold out by 2pm on the Monday! the shelves were bare according to Matt Taylor's twitter!!
    Grabbed some Eve Taylor bits & pieces for myself lol! Did queue for NH but wasn't happy at the curt service so walked away. Just had a wander around. It was SO busy! every year I love the way the exhibition changes. Ive been going for 10 years now and this year was very much, Nails & skincare imo.
    Hi Amelia, I am Fiona.... thank you so much for help on Sunday! very much appreciated! x
    hi yu hun! Thanks for asking. Was a bit quiet but did a couple of shellac's and got two new bookings and got to chat and give my cards out so was all good! X x x
    I've got glitter not the sweet squared ones and have rockstar on my nail wheel also going to do my toes tomorrow and wear flip flops to flash at everyone lol. Going to have shellac and minx on my fingers too. Yes I'm going to try and get some demos done will be fab to do this me thinks. Awww thanks hun. Have a fab weekend yourself and thanks again x x x
    sounds so lovely! Well I'm there to get my name out but doing treatments as well as demo. Will be letting people try the lotions too to see if i can get any orders. Fingers crossed. I've got another beauty night to do in December so going to order some of the gift ones to sell on the night as well as treatments. Thanks for the ideas hun can't wait to try them out! X x x
    ah thank you hun just did it on home computer! Oh yes almond spa is next on my list of things to buy. The scentsations are fab for retail. I also love the new xmas packs. I have the apple and cinnamon lotion smells fab when mixed with cranberry too. Love the sound of it with the almond hydrating lotion :) love n hugs x x x
    not managed to do it yet, I've not got word on my laptop need to borrow my mums lol but should get it done this week hopefullly! I'll add it into my photos before I send it for printing make sure its ok lol xx
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