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  • Hi AmeliaR - thanx so much for the tip re. Shellac on foils on my picture!! As stated, I'm only a beginner doing my NVQ level 2 deiploma, so just starting out really! I plan once I complete my NVQ to get more experience then save up for the CND courses (s) as I've set my heart on CND as a brand.....Hope to be friends! x
    You are so welcome, quite a few people have mentioned that they want these for weddings- perfect! :)
    Thank you again for all your help this weekend... you are so good to help us out and we also really appreciated you letting us borrow some of your kit... you're so kind and you really are an inspiration... I still can't believe how much you've achieved at such a young age!!
    :lol:.. don't even joke about things like that... I'll bloody end up in one of those yolks by the end of the weekend :lol:
    I should take 3.5 hours if i dont stop for a break. How about you? I cant wait after having that email, its got me all excited! x
    Hi Amelia, thanks for adding me! I look forward to meeting you at Bootcamp! Are you going for the full EA or for Shellac Ambassador? I'm going for Shellac xx
    Ooooh get you!!... 7 friends.. they'll be no stopping you now... 3 weeks to bootcamp.. are you nervous??... I've nothing to wear :lol:
    You're very welcome.. thanks a mill for the friend request.. I could have sworn we were already friends.. what are we like, we're facebook friends, but not geeky friends yet :lol:
    thats a lot of money! i did nvq 2 then specialised in glamlash and sienna x tanning. I do do brow shaping, im okay doing it but im not 'amazing', i could deffinetly get better and feel better about it!
    hi amelia! i was wondering if i could have a little info on the hd brows as im thinking of taking a course. i set up mobile doing eyelash extensions and basic tinting/perming etc and spray tanning as i specialise in these so was thinking of adding hd! also, all the threads are saying its super expernsive but i cnt find a price!? xx
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