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  • hi i noticed you had experianced problems with your hands, have you been able to wear enhancments if so what are you using???
    The reason i ask is im relly sensitive to every product ive tried now my hands are a mess and im totally Gutted!!! however i dunno if ts the nitrell gloves i use but i get little itchy blisters under the skin. im looking for any advice going. much appreciated x
    Hi hun, where you gone?? Haven't seen you on here lately, i hope all is well with you? Well just thought i'd come and say hi, take care, Jo.xxx
    well bugger me you do apear to be changing a light bulb kirst xxxx its in my album xxx tell me to delete after you've seen it xx
    no blackmail required btw you don't look drunk .. just happy glad you had a good time and got alot out of it xxxxxx nice to see you about sweetie xxxx
    hey kirst how ya doing??? .. not seen you about .. still got a pic to send over of you xx giving out 'shapes' on the dance floor lol xxxx
    Hi hunni, cant wait to see your pictures!! No blackmail money from me!! lol How is everything going? Its a bit quiet here at the mo but i'm hopeing it will pick up nearer christmas? I cant remember if you bought a minx kit at the event (you near enough bought the whole store!! hehehe) If you did how are you getting on with them? I bought the kit a couple of weeks after i got home, i still get a bit of creasing at the mo but i'm hopeing i'll get there eventually lol
    Well take care and speak to you soon (get uploading those piccies lol) loadsa hugs, Jo.xxx
    Hiya how are you? I was jus wonderin how your getting on. You mailed me a while ago sayin you were doing the same course from Stonebridge..... Have you finished it?..... xx
    Ahoy there matey! Thanks for your texts! Just thought I'd say hello for when you do eventually get back here!
    Hi hun, you ok? Really enjoyed last weekend, you are such fun! Knowledgeable too! Let me know you're ok won't you? Hopefully, you've been busy getting your leaflets printed and getting yourself out there! Take care hun x.
    Hi kirsty not heard from you so just checking you ok? what did your boyfriend say to all your 'purchases'!!!! xxxxx
    Hope your journey home wasn't too bad and your car didn't break down with the weight of almost the entire Sweet Shop contents in the back :lol:

    Thanks to you, Tina and Alison for looking after me this weekend. Seems I've now got a taste for Mexican :lol:

    Good luck on your way to your Masters :hug::hug::hug:
    Hiya, Found You !
    It's Helen from Wetherby ! Was lovely to meet you at The Event, forgot to give you my details so here i am ! Would be geat to catch up soon ! Minxing my toes tonight will let you know how it goes ! Bye for now. Helen.x
    Hiya hunni, i am sooo glad that i have finally met you!! We will definately have to keep in touch, and as Andrea has just said, your a very special person and you need to keep that confidence up, loadsa hugs, Jo.xxxxxx
    just dropped by to say hello & so glad I finally met you, you are one in a million, a really special person & I think the world of you! Don't you loose any of that enthusiasm you had this weekend & keep confident! lots of love kirsty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Have fun at The Event ... don't forget to post those all important photos for those of us who can't make it :hug: xx
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