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  • Hi, saw your post on the Shellac Group, if you want a kind of lilac colour, try Asphalt with Negligee over the top, I was hoping for a pale silvery grey but ended up with a kind of metalic lilac :LOL: HTH, Trin xx
    hiya xx where in notts are you based? i'm the cnd ea for lincolnshire and just wondered if i was nearer you for your shellac training? clare xx
    hi love! I am from oz anyway so have an aussie passport. My boyfriend is going on a working holiday visa and then we will apply for a partner one when we get there. We dont even know where we are moving to, just picking a city and going haha! I think you can get student visas if you wanted to study there though. Although if i were you i would do podiatry here and then move over for the sake of international student fees and stuff! Then move over and you can work in my salon! Lol! xxxx
    i didnt think of doing that ill keep trying with the business page if i still have no luck over the next few days ill scrap it lol....its sunny just abit breezy,what about in nottingham? x
    og right good luck with your business hope everything works out well for you, ive decided on setting up a facebook business page but im still trying how to work it out lol x
    hi i saw your post in the facebook page thread, you dont live what you call that far away from me i was just wondering if advertising your services through facebook has improved your client base as a mobile therapist?
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