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  • Hi,

    The best thing to do is give our membership department a call on 0845 2177 384. If you speak to Dave, he will be able to talk you through what you are covered for.
    The car is my fella's, although we did buy it between us, very rarely get to drive it though. I want a Plymouth Prowler, much more of a beast than the westfield lol!
    Hi, I'd forgotten all about the empty bag thread! I guess I'd had more than 'a few' glasses that night lol!

    As for glue, as soon as I switched to NSI polybond, it was easy.

    And yes I did recently do an NSI conversion with the fabulous Lally Quayle, it's amazing how much education she can cram into 3 hours. I would highly recommend NSI, their products and training are exellent! Also you cannot convert to CND from Essential Nails (they don't recognise the qualification for some reason.)

    I found working on 'real' nails a lot easier than the nail trainer, specially with the dreaded no.13! It's great that you have people to practice on, keep going but make sure you do your cards. I made myself do 5 nails ever day no matter what and it made a huge difference to my progress.

    Anyway good luck!!
    Hi Amy,

    Saw your post about nail table. Just to let you know I have one on ebay which i used for my training starting from just 99p.


    oooh damn it lol not sure if we have any independant jewellers around here maybe edinburgh but as they get lots of tourists its prob dear there too ock dunno where to go lol xx
    thanks amy, I was a bit unsure about it all lol was thinking of going to the jewellery quater in glasgow or birmingham so will bear in mind what you have said xx
    must be all from around the brum area, we don't have any up here either, I called the shop but they would'nt tell me anything over the phone! lol just gonna have to get my boyfriends mum to go in as a spy lol once I've got the info if you could help me I'd be greatful, also was looking to buy a nice gold chain for my boyfriend, but have read most high st shops sell either rubbish or overprice it now I'm confused lol xx
    Hi Amy, saw on your a thread that you work for a jewellers, just wondered if you knew who supplied David Christophers with their jewellery? Had seen a really nice ring when I was down south but it was £900! thought If I could find a picture of it may be able to get it made cheaper as they don't have a website. Sarah xx
    hey. saw your thread. working from home that table will be fine and youve got me considering now. id buy a table cover though to protect and maybe invest in a trolley of some sort for product... my box has conpartments in the top so i usually just work from my box. good luck xxx
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