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  • Thank you thats very kind of you i think your nails are lovley still teaching my self with colours lol but im sure il get there xx
    yes, there is the clear perception gel and the colour gels that are strong buff off gels or the powder gel system which is buff off and very easy to apply. also coming soon are the xtra seal sculpting gels which are much thicker and lovely to use.
    that one can only be seen on www.lechatnails.com which is the american site coz we dont have it for sale yet in the u.k. ive been using it for a while though and getting great results.
    you can sculpt with the nobility to extend if you are finding it difficult over tips.
    Hi, not doing too bad, find it hard to cap the free edge when the nails are short, I have been doing one clear coat and three coloured coats curing inbetween but still find it could do with a few more coats of colour as they dont look bold and even enough!
    I am still practising and wont start on clients til I am 100% happy with how they are coming out!
    I was just thinking the same thing, lovely to talk to some new :) who's just starting out with Nobility.

    I do like the gels but havent really had much experience with any gels since qualifying 4ish years ago. It was something my mum suggested, she wanted a more permenant colour than polish alone. The only down side is Nobility dont have really dark (winter) colours. Ive mixed with the pearl white which gives lovely combinations but they tend to come out lighter and mostly pinks. Bummer when a client wants dark red, purple or brown :eek: Although I hear there are new ones on the way.

    I've also started trialling Akzentz, they do some fab dark colours plus the nail art primary colours which might look great on their own.
    no i dont find it that glossy really but meant to be good on heavy handed clients so i just use on all mine
    i have never put colour strainght onto nails maybe i should . how u liking nobilty great to talk to someone new like myself
    Yes, I do dry prep, shape nail, brush off dust & give a good scrub with gel cleanser then leave to dry for a short while. Then put the 2 coloured coats straight onto the natural nail and cure each for 2 mins. I'm finding I dont really file much but if I do, I do it then & afterwards finish with a clear coat, curing for 3 mins. I wondered if I was getting lifting as I dont like really think nails & I should be using more product. Im certainly no expert as I've only been using nobility since Oct!

    Is the red top coat really glossy?

    No just looking for another soak off gel and see alot of geeks that use it babes so just wondered how nice it is to work with thats all x x x
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