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  • No Probs hun, im here if you need me, was great talking to you lol, hubby couldnt believe how long we can talk nails :)
    Sue x x
    Cick on my name tiptop next to my geek avatar in this mesg under my pic in profile click send mesg and private mesg is listed and click on it and viola x
    Heyhun click on tab that says my profile at the bottom of list is private message that sholud help u x
    hey hun just answered your mesg in lechat forum pm me hun and il see if i can help
    Sue x
    hi ive only been doing nails for about 18 months in that time using akzentz have just a few le chat gel which im finding really nice to use no lifting .how about you.i have just finshed my little room at home and going into nails full on just hope it works how scary
    hi, no problem
    yeh i have been using bio for 5 yrs, but just trying lehcat at the moment. how are you getting on with it? have worked in salons for the last 5 yrs, so last 6 months have gone mobile which is exciting!
    hate computers so please bear with me
    like i have said before im using akzentz options range have brought a few of the le chat soak off my concern is soaking to another systems as only just worked out akzentz. soorry to rammble.
    le chat clear gel is in a bottle with a brush how will i get on with that.worrie dthat all the curing times will be differnent .just worried if i try diffent products that i will make mistakes . do i need a primer etc .what do i seal with like my nail art top coat. sorry if i go on
    always glad to be of help.
    though not next week coz i'm flying out to hong kong to teach them how to use lechat over there for the week !
    yeah hi have spoken to le chat just dont do a cousre local to me about 3 hour drive gutted
    Hey hun
    Nobility is a fantastic gel, its easy to learn and master, all my students love it, I would suggest a conversion course so then you get the back up from your educator if you experience problems, lechat give free ongoing training after you complete any of their courses, its worth the investment.
    Sue x x
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