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    Nail tech needed in kent

    can anyone HELP pleasexx
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    Nail tech needed in kent

    have tried liza smith but there fully booked
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    Nail tech needed in kent

    hi i would lkie my nails done for my hoilday next week but cant find anyone to do me a set of glitter tip acrylic is there anyone who can help me please im nr canterbury and can either go to them or they can come here many thanks me xxx
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    Recommended facial ranges

    I have just ordered the moor spa range which is all natural and moor spring water( think thats right ) hopefully my products will be here today cant wait lol
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    Moor Facial Range

    Hi Im new to facials and wondered if anyone using the Moor range? i recieved my samples today :) and cant wait to try them out if anyone can help me with any more info that would be great also anyone local to me who i can go and have facial with before i decide on buying the products thanks...
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    eve taylor = demologica

    i waas told that too
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    Think I've lost my way :(

    Right i have just ordered a training hand and tomorrow im going to ring about more training i will be able to do great nails JUST KEEP TELLING MYSELF XX
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    Think I've lost my way :(

    to be honest miss g i nt sure want im doing im in a right pickle i read up lots and then neeed to buy the products brought many smple kits and spent loads of money for nothing:( all the problems im having i now know is all me just want to be good :) have praticed praticed but still nt happy
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    Think I've lost my way :(

    Hi i have been doing gel nails for a couple of years which i happy to do :). i did a days trainng in acyrlic in sept but since then have nt got it quite right:( i first starting using creavtive then to nsi just not sire where and want to do from here as i really need lots of help to get me into...
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    Kent area

    HI im looking for a nail tech in kent area who would do my nails acrylic ( would pay) that is happy for me to watch and ask lots of questions as im having few problem and though tit might be some help to me thank u for reading this xx
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    Comment by 'AMYMAY' in media '23101.jpg'

    very nice
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    Comment by 'AMYMAY' in media '23088.jpg'

    there lovley :)