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  • I no I was like that for a year, had not been on much, of course your missed, I think you need to be around ALOT more :) xxx
    Hiya, feel like ive not seen you around much, hows you? hope your doing well x x x
    Hi Karen, how are you. Do you be on here much now days. Miss your posts.
    That's great that you have converted over with no problems. I'm sitting here after doing a 5mile walk and would love a glass of wine but want to lose a stone so I can put it back on again when I get to Spain, so I'm trying to be good. although water is just so boring :)
    Was wondering where you had got to..Yes busy all the time, Thank God. Cannot wait for my holliers in August, Spain as usual. Have the Love in Bloom collection but no, it's not for me, I'll just use up what I have. Don't like it, but I have 3-4 bottles from 2 years ago and didn't like it then much either. How are you getting on with it? Have you dropped Shellac off your service menu now altogether?
    Hi Karen, just popping by to say hello. Hope all is well with you and you're enjoying the odd glass of wine...x
    Dead right , a fly might fall into it and turn it to vinegar and that would be an awful waste. ;0
    Hi Karen, I broke my self inflicted promise to not buy any more products. Lasted 2 weeks. Damn. Anyhow waiting patiently for 'need a tan' to arrive. Exciting. Any craic with you?
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