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  • haha!! just post it!! twenty heads are definitely better than one!! especially after a glass of wine! they are getting hard and more off tangent!! will take a look when you post ;)
    Thanku for getting back to me, will def have to try this!! Thanks for ur help x x
    Hi, I saw a reply you made to someone about the cost of renting a nail station and was wondering if u might be willing to part with some info as you mentioned u rented a station before!
    I qualified with an ITEC nail tech diploma over a yr ago, and was lucky to get a job in a busy salon almost immediately. However, I saw an ad by a hairdresser offering a nail station and have been thinking of going out on my own but need more info.
    What costs are involved besides rent, insurance, advertising and product/table purchases?
    I am currently training in make-up and eyelash extensions as well, would I be entitled to offer these services from this rented space as well?
    Do contract lengths vary or are they normally a year?
    Any info u might be able to give would be greatly appreciated :-)
    Hi just a wee thank you for liking my pic. I do realise this was months ago but im not on my laptop much and usually use my mobile. Thanks again hun xx
    its my new love! mixed it with a little heaute pink to create a gorgeous pastel shade of pink!
    Hi Lovey, not yet, as my indulgence list has had to be put aside whilst I concentrate on trying to figure out my tax return! Arrrgh!
    But, I do intend to give it another go as it looks so pretty when done properly. I'll be sure to let you know how I get on and I might even brave a pic (unless it's rubbish!)
    Could be worse, better to be critical than not care and just lash it on any old way!! Going to try get to the beauty show on the Monday, will pop over and say hi. I've a hen party hat weekend so will see if I'm able for the madness of the rds. Need those new colours though!
    You're very kind, I definitely need to do a load more colourpops, I think once dreary Jan is over people will be getting into more fun nails. Girl who done make up is amazing, it lasted from 11am until after 3am with not one touch up needed. She is by far the best make up artist I've ever had do my make up, very creative and so precise.
    Ah thanks, I'm getting all big headed now with your comments on my pics! The avatar pic was me at my mams wedding so plenty of help there from a great make up artist!
    Don't worry Angel, if you ever go, I'm sure someone will sort out real-life subtitles for you. x
    If you get to go to Bella Sorella I would just die. I totally love that place. And I want Bobby to colour my hair too.
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