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  • Sorry for the late reply just notices your message,I don't have a shower but I don't do Elemis body treatments.xx
    Hi anca, thank you for the interest regarding caci.. I won't be selling, just need to find a way to get the training done! But thank you x
    Hi, just got your message havent been on in a while. You need to do lash extensions first before this course sorry x
    Hi Anca, I do sometimes use tips with Bio Sculpture, very successfully, but will never do a very long extension this way as that places extra duress on the stress area. If you keep the tip to half of the length of the nail bed, or below i'm sure you'll be fine. You need to build a strong apex with S-gel and then personally I like to refine and examine my structure, refinishing where necessary and using S-gel (cred for 4 mins) as a sealer....for that little extra added strength. And despite what they train you to do at Bio Sculpture, I apply the tip to the naked nail, as opposed to put gel on first.

    However, sculpting with Bio Sculpture is also very easy....much more so than many other systems so you can lengthen a nail beautifully and very quickly this way.

    Have you joined our Bio Sculpture social group? There a lot fo us in there exchanging ideas and thoughts...I'm sure you'd learn loads! I'll send you an invite! xx
    Its not really been worth it for me to honest. I haven't had much interest for it in the Salon and when I did do it it took me nearly 2 hours so I have given up with it. Its a shame because I think it could be so good but I am the sort of person who needs somebody to sit with me and teach me and at the moment I dont think there is any specific training. In fact I think I am going to sell my lamp and all of the minx patterns that I have because I cant ever see me using it again. Please dont let me put you off tho

    hey im good thanks hun,you? its quite good just not enjoying it as much as i used to because of the girls in my class but that'll soon change

    Pleased you like my website. However it goes to show that nice isn't always best. I'm actually getting it re-done with another designer as this one has gone way down in the search engines, doesn't have as many visitors as my last site & doesn't sell as many vouchers as before.

    I was with www.healthhosts.com & I'm actually going back with them.
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