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  • Hi Angela, it was great to meet you too! Sorry to hear the wax didn't fit, that's a real pity, but worth a try! Enjoy your training with Kim :hug:
    Hi, yes still booked for that date and will letyou know. I am looking forward to the training (not so sure if I have it done myself!)x
    Hiya hun are you still booked in for the 17th March with Kim, hope it goes well and let me know how you get on x
    Oh that's ok thanks for getting back. I will try the mask and let you know what it's like, I have emailed them about how to use the Q10 serum so when they reply I will let you know that as well, thanks anyway.x
    Hi!I havent used that mask yet as ive only been using eve taylor products for just over a month.The mobile kit i bought doesnt include the Q10 serum but i am planning to try out the mask soon on my mum to start with.I have just been using the masks in the tubes to start with and not the sachets.
    Sorry ive not been much help hun!xx
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