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    Clarins or Spa?

    Hello, sorry to hi jack your thread, but I've just arranged a telephone interview with Clarins. Could you give me an idea of the type of questions they are likely to ask. Good luck with your decision.
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    Professional Beauty 2011 VIP GeekMeet

    Thanks for the email have registered, lucky me I am coming on the Monday so see you there x:)
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    Could I get sued....

    What about 'Tantalizing Tuesdays' I read somewhere that it's good to have the same letter in the offer like 'Monday Madness' 'Fabulous Fridays' that sort of thing. Good luck.
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    Can't find suitable portable couch anywhere!

    I guess after carrying my old couch which was 17 kg that's why this seems so light. Regarding the hole I have a small pillow (actually a manicure cushion) and it fits just over the hole so the client can rest their head on that. So far every one has said how comfortable it is. I do mainly waxing...
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    Can't find suitable portable couch anywhere!

    I got mine from therapy 2000 earlier this, it weighs 10kg it does have a adjustable back, which is what I wanted because I do facials. Mine is blue so I'm not sure what other colours they have. However it has made a massive difference to me as I now do mobile work and my old 'portable' couch...
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    Natural facelift massage

    Hi there, sorry to hijack this thread but I am also interested in this course. How does it differ from your normal facial massage. Is it a completely different routine or do you just slot it into your regular facial massage. Also can you see a real difference or does it just feel good for the...
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    Lava Shell Therma Facial

    Hi Emma, Oh that sounds exciting, I have read about it and would be interested to know what it's like please let us know when you have completed the course how it goes.
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    Mini mani & pedi

    Hi geeks, I am thinking of offering a summer package of mini facial, mini manicure and mini pedicure. What do you think constitutes a mini nail treatment. I don't want to to just offer a file and polish but would you do a soak and scrub then file and polish or soak and cuticle work then file and...
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    New Start what to do?

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I have decided to change my name I now just have to decide on which one but I will let you know. That's a good idea about adding my previous name on the new literature I will definitely do that. Emma the place that I was renting from had some issues with...
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    New Start what to do?

    Thanks for that about the candles yes I will try that that about blowing out earlier. Yes it was only me there but the name reflected part of the building so I feel that it doesn't fit with me being mobile now. I thought that the name should reflect that fact, I shall have a think about it over...
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    New Start what to do?

    Hello Geeks, just a bit of advice please. Until recently I used to rent a beauty room, I was there for about 18 years, and anyway long story short I have now left and doing mobile. I have had lots of tips etc on here for making life easier as regard to light couches and portable equipment...
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    Do You Get The Most From Your Salon Geek Experience?

    Like most of the other have said I too log on most days, sometimes several times a day. Just recently I have had to leave my beauty room and go back to being mobile. I got some good tips and helpful advice, it's brilliant when you work alone. I must admit I don't use the tutorials much but I...
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    Rent charges! How much??

    I know from bitter experience that sometimes you think it's better the devil you know. However you don't sound very happy where you are, so why not make a list of all the pro and cons of both places on paper. Then contact the new owner and go armed with a list of questions that you may have so...
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    Is Shellac just another soak-off gel?

    Do you need special training to use Shellac. I am a beauty therapist and do manicures and pedicures. I did do my complete nail training with CND a few years ago but unfortunately I got an allergic reaction to the products and so had to go back to natural nails. However I am really interested in...
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    mobile pedicures

    Hello Pedifan, can I just ask why you only want to do pedicures. I'm not sure if you would get enough work doing just pedicures. But having said that if you specalise and do really tip top pedis why not. For myself I find that I do most of my pedicures during the summer and at Christmas. But...