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  • Hi hun, dont know how I missed your post... Yes we returned to the UK. Were now in a private rental & settling down. Gonna take a while to get things back to normal, but at least a good load of my ladies have returned to me.... They'd found it really hard to find anyone to do there nails how they liked them :)
    Yes Im back... OZ ended up a nightmare, so were sourcing a private rental now & unfortunately living in Travel Lodges & Holidays Inn & moving one place to another .... Bloody nightmare twice over !
    Hi Anthea, yes luckily i somehow remembered one of your posts & knew your name was anf, i looked at your facebook page it's really good so is your art, i haven't attempted any art yet,
    yes the nail art for the competitions was really good, but still put yours in you never know? i may even have a go myself when i find the time! can i just ask are you on the bio recommended salon website & if so do you get much from it, as i'm not on it yet but will ask if i can go on it now, don't worry if you reply weeks later, take care Angela x
    Hi Anthea
    i found you on here!, i said i was addicted, i'm Angela from the bio course on mon sat opposite you, i actually had somebody book in today for nail extensions & was thinking oh my god i have to try & remember some of the things we learnt, i did try the trick of flash curing it really works! hope you don't mind me contacting you, x
    Hiya Hun, did you buy Konads Polishes ??? If they are seemingly running then I would leave the bottle open for 5 minutes to see if that thickens them up & that should do the trick.
    Ensure that the surface of your stamper has had the file over the stamper but also try a different image (just in case the image your trying to work from isnt up to the job either)..

    I'm just checking that you have removed the sticky residue from the nail plate before attemping to stamp. ALSO when you wipe the polish onto the plate you have to work ever so quickly to wiper blade it and then stamp. Just ensure that the plate is sitting in the right direction for you to pick the image up so that you can stamp without having to do too much checking that the image will be stamped in the right direction (if you get what I mean). If you've played moments too long then you will have to non acetone varnish remove n clean the plate & stamper to start all over again :)

    Hope this has helped a bit more...
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