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  • Hey Ang how's it going? Got the weekend off canny believe it, think we just bought a house tryin no to panic just gonna chill i think this wekend, hope all good with you x
    Hey Ang, this is the first time I have been on here in ages, got my case back :)

    Hopefully see you tomorrow at Fingertips xxxx:hug:
    Hi Ang
    Are yo going to the beauty show? Remember when i said i was asking a girl for salon experience, well i've been going and i'm attending the show with her and a few others. Its been really helpfull, maybe see you their, hope alls well Take care x x
    Yeah I'm still pretty tired today, but it was well worth it. I used the Shellac on top of the dashing divas last night and they looked fab, & they're so easy to use, client was really pleased with them, so just hoping they last okay, time will tell. Good luck with your Shellacing today. Are you going to the open day on the 16th? xx
    Aw was great to meeet you too misses... Dont think i`ll ever recover but it was worth it XXX
    Hi Angela, yes we made it home okay, got home around 3a.m., didn't have a client until 2pm so thought I would get a long lie but phone rang at 9a.m. aarrghh!! Just Shellaced a client tonight and she's really pleased with it, so really chuffed. Knackered tonight though so just going to bed shortly. Hope you're feeling okay yourself, it was quite a hectic weekend, but brilliant, can't wait to go again next year. xx
    Hey mrs hope you aren't to tired today :hug:
    I got home about 2am went straight to bed tried not to waken to early but some bloody market research woman called at 9am wtf :lol:
    See you soon xxxxxx
    Hi Ang
    Quick update....totally lost confidence, leaflet drop gave me 2 clients that never returned (one wasn't from round here). Haaven't done any sice befor christmas, don't know what to do. I have just emailed a girl to see if she would let me help voluntaraly for a while to gain confidence. Really un motivated a the mo. Hope thing ar well at your end matey, take care clare x x
    Hope you're feeling better after your op.... glad to see I wasn't the only one who went in with my nails all done :)
    Glad to hear your doning well. Its been 2 weeks and not 1 phonecall eeek. I'm thinking of going in a salon and asking them if they need anyone, apparently they turn people away as they have a long waiting list...which is why i hoped they'd then find my leaflet and come to me but oh no, its not worked out that way lol x x
    Hi Ang
    Quick update on me lol I've got some leaflet done and I'm off out to gve them out to some shops this scared. No going back now. How you getting on, let me know would be great to hear how your doing x xClare
    Hi Ang
    Sorry I've only just noticed you sent me a message lol....
    Well I've got my nail room sorted out and done..did one of my neighbours the other day and she was really pleased which boosted my confidence a bit although it still took me just over 3 hrs lol.
    I did a spa manicure on my pal just for practice, but thats all since i saw you. I tried to poppit my own nails and i was proper sh*t at it, i couldn't do it at all it just kept squishin out and going really thin....Hope thing are well with you let me know how your gettin on
    Take care
    Clare x x
    Hi Ang,
    not done any spa manicure or pedicures since Tuesday but will be treating my mum soon to a forever french manicure with Gel then a spa manicure. I finished my Brisa course today and absolutely loved it; going to try it on my own fingernails and toes tomorrow, cant wait to try the Brisa bolds. Have you had much practice in yourself? I'll pm you quite soon with a pic to let you see how I got on.

    Mary x
    Hi Ang,

    thanks for inviting me to your friends section; I have added you to mine. I went shopping to Glasgow yesterday with my sis (who is a shopaholic) and was so in need off a lovely spa pedicure by the time I got home lol !!. I start my Brisa Gel course on Sunday with Fi at the Fingertips Centre im quite excited; So nice meeting you on Tuesday. x
    Angela, so glad you're doing well, you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could you call the salon first thing, please? I have a feeling they have you booked in tomo, could they have made a mistake? (Oh no, not my girls, never, lol!) F x
    Is it you who's booked in with Fee tomo? I'm good thanks, hope you are too! Did you enjoy the Open Day - learn anything new? Still going a bomb with Sienna? Isn't it great to be doing something you enjoy? F :hug: x
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