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    Rent a room Yeadon Leeds

    Hi Jen, I know of a lady that has space in Leeds City Centre, on the road that's behind Leeds City Variety. Let me know if you're interested and I can send you the details. Carla-Jane
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    Cleaning wax pots

    I've always used surgical spirit and cotton wool pads tbh and any tough bits of wax that has gone hard I've scraped off. Hth good luck.
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    Clients wearing masks

    We all have to treat everyone as if they have got Covid-19, not the other way round. Look back on our infection control and contamination training. I would definitely refuse to treat them. Unless they have a medical condition or they need to remove their mask for the treatment. Then I'd take...
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    New regulations for filler injections

    I think that there is good and bad in any industry. But I do think that the botox and fillers industry needs strict regulation. Everyone should have the same level of training to be able to carry out the treatments, wether you are a doctor, nurse, or beauty therapist. Also there should be a...
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    Crystal Clear start up cost?

    Please don't buy the crystals off ebay. You don't know what you're buying and also the crystal size could be incorrect for the machine and cause damage to it, let alone damage to your clients' skin. You may not be covered by your insurance too. I've used Crystal Clear machines and the...
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    Konad-all you need to know and your favourite pics!

    Your nails are beautiful. I've recently bought a few konad bits which I'm gonna try out. Just to let you all know. If you order from the states and your parcel is worth over $50 you have to pay excise duty on it. Hth Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Opening a salon, how much does it cost?

    Well with your knowledge of your law degree and your mum's partner being a financial adviser you should know that doing a business plan is the first thing you should do. Not being funny! Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Urgently wanted - therapy room to rent in Leeds

    Hi. I am looking for a therapy room to rent in the North Leeds area as soon as possible. I don't mind if it's working within a hairdressers, complimentary clinic, dentist, or an aesthetics practice. long as the room is big enough to hold all my equipment. I am qualified to do NVQ 2&3...
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    The Loyalty Scheme thread

    I use a company called loyal blocks. The client has the punch card on their smart phone and they use the app to scan the code when they come in. There are a few loyalty incentives for the client. Also it interacts with Facebook so it helps them promote your business. There are YouTube videos...
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    Music licence

    I'm sorry to say that you will need all three if your going to have music on a tv. The only way of avoiding the licence fees is playing licence free music on a music system. ichill do a good selection of music. Hth Carla-Jane Definitive Health & Beauty Clinic Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Caci turmoil, don't know where to turn

    I would recommend to write a letter as suggested to Dean Nathanson. Stating your situation and how you have been treated. And that you want the parts replaced as soon as possible or state a time when you'd like them replaced. Unfortunately this is not the first time caci have sold faulty...
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    Advice on which website builder!

    I completely agree with Steve. Also they can use your web content as it is legally theirs as you have put it into there website. I would either learn Wordpress to create your website or there is a web design software package that Serif have created. They do a demo version of it to download or...
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    Business closing, what can I do?

    Hi. Sorry to hear about your lease. Unfortunately a lot of landlords are increasing rents at the moment. Seems so stupid to me. Regarding the closure of your business you will only get someone or people to buy the equipment and fixture and fittings. The 400 people would be classed as...
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    VAT again, is it really that bad?

    Hi Jen. It is a difficult to decide, do you want to grow the business more? Or do you prefer working on a smaller scale? only you can decide on that one. There are two types of VAT. 1) that's when you pay 20% of your turnover to HMRC, but you can claim back any VAT that you are charged by...
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    I use an earlier version of salon iris and I find it does everything I need. Wish I could get version 9, as you can use your iPhone app to book in appts or see your schedule. Also you can get clients to book online too. You can download a demo of it to see how it works. It can look quite complex...