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    How many of you are ready for the new data protection laws?

    Hi all, I’ve not been on here for ages and I’m after as I’ve with the new rules? Any hints or tips will be greatly appreciated, hope your all having a lovely day. Maria x [merged thread]
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    We love it, or shall I say our clients do and have stayed very loyal to the treatment with their...

    We love it, or shall I say our clients do and have stayed very loyal to the treatment with their maintanence courses. I think the results get better and better each time which encourages our ladies and gents to keep it up, which makes it my best seller. Hope this helps, Maria x
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    Mesotherapy or ultrasonic lipo?

    We went with no needle mesotherapy from icon ultralift, but have a look at the lipo too. Get some demonstrations if you can.
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    Mesotherapy or ultrasonic lipo?

    We looked at both, and went with mesotherapy, ultrasonic lipo was ok but a bit hit and miss for results. Hope this helps you, maria x
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    Hi Nicki, yes still going very strong here i now have 2 machines as my neice works on one too...

    Hi Nicki, yes still going very strong here i now have 2 machines as my neice works on one too. She’s mainly eyes and lips (younger girls) and I specialise in skin so the lifting is just brilliant for my ladies!! I’ve been with icon for ages now and very happy with it.
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    Icon ultra lift

    We did a fab mum n daughter discount on courses for mothers day, thats when we got our first one. Also pay for course get 1 facial free works really well still. We had an introductory offer for a facial £10 discount which still works really well. Maria x
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    3d changer over to 6d lashes

    Hi blinkingorgeous thanks for getting back to me, yes we are trained in 3D but feel would need a little extra time with 6D to do. We are also thinking Russian Volume lashes, have you any experience with them. Really appreciate your feedback. Maria x
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    3d changer over to 6d lashes

    Hi is anyone doing 6D lashes but originally 3D? If so how's ut going did clients change over happily, price change, longativity etc. I'm really thinking about training in thes but would live some feedback from anyone using them. Thanks, Maria x
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    Facial machine for home beauty salon?

    I'd say have a look at everything, led, microdermabrasion, non surgical, mesotherapy etc and gauge your clients reaction to the treatments. That's what we did and made the right choice for us. You can't go wrong if you get your clients input. Maria x
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    Icon ultra lift

    Hi beauty experts we use icon ultralift. Results are really, really good clients love it (me too) so much so we now have two of the machines due to client demand. We had an open evening to launch which was really successful, we offered a discount on courses booked that evening which almost paid...
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    Lip Voltage lipgloss

    Well, my daughter absolutely swears by it. I think it works so decided it give it a go, we tentatively applied it...and then I decided to lick my lips!! Not good, but my lips looked great!:o
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    Icon ultra lift machine anyone use?

    Hi, we have this machine. They do a few machines but we have their main one icon ultralift, which is face and body non surgical and mesotherapy machine. This machine is made in the uk and is brilliant, it's my best seller cz results are so good. My clients love it and always keep up with their...
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    Caci turmoil, don't know where to turn

    I agree with the replies so far to get in touch with the top man, 48hr warranty? That's ridiculous!:cry:x
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    Non surgical facelift!

    Have a look at icon ultralift too, they also trade in old machines I got £500 discount! Does traditional non surg and mesotherapy facials our best treatment to date x