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  • Hello Hun
    Ooooh Are you enjoying it what made you move ? You still doing a lot of nails at home or do you do mobile ? Xx
    Hi. Can I do short extensions then but gelish on top. base and top it off? Would you put 2 coats of base or 2 coats of top it off to hide the ridge. Thanks
    Hey Angel!! Joely again ha ha in need of your help! So i'm still using the powder gel easy to apply. I am having problems with fills though, it seems to just lift as soon as i start filing..and keep lifting! I dont think i'm being too agressive so do you have any hints for me? I used to love doing gels and now i have started to dread it :( thanks so much xx
    Hi!! Im new here.. I just purchased the lechat gel powder system. I used it for the first time this weekend. I was wondering the strength and durability of the product when used over tips? Most to my client wear acrylic liquid and powder so im trying do a different method but will only be sucessful if it is as strong as that. Any feedback will be appreciated! thanks
    Hello angel:) i hope its ok that i ask you this,i know when people ask these questions they usually get shot down!!!! Anyway i have been using lechat powder gel and i have a client tomorrow and my bloody lamp broke tonight..arrghh!! Is it going to be ok to use a 36 watt lamp (with 4 9watt globes) until the new one arrives and if so,do i cure for same amount of time? Sorry if this question is ridiculous and thankyou in advance for any help!!!! P.s i also have the ibd jet 5000(16watt 2x8watt globe) which if any would you use...stressing out!!!!!
    hi hun i seen a post that u sell the aquarium tips im really interested in them hope to hear of u soon x
    hey ok huni not tooooo worry, if you get any calls and you cant fit them in you have my number, as i said before im well trained xx
    Hello hun hows you? you still doing pedicures, I might have to book in not the same when you do it yaself, & fancy some of them trendy wrappys x
    Hello my dear hows you? What have you been up to? What do you put your towels in, in your beauty room hun, xx
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