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  • Hi !
    I'm in search of Le Chat Nobility gel and it looks like you may be the only link to it these days ?!!
    There are a few colours I'd like to get, but I really really need some Dragon Fruit for one of my regular ladies who's Son is getting married next month and this colour is an exact match for her outfit..... typical as I'm almost out of it :(
    Could you help ?
    Fingers crossed !! :)
    Many thanks
    Clare Davies
    No, no worries from your perspective, I meant mine!!!! Lol, there might not be anyone left for me!!!
    I noticed, Seems there's quite a few! Hopefully we're not too all near each other! :eek: :)
    Hi, are you selling dashing diva? I saw on a thread you were the new stockist. I really hope you are. Please let me know how I can order many thanks. Regards Seana
    Hi Susan...forgot to saythanks for your prompt delivery!! Unfortunately the one brush stroke course I was going to do next week has been cancelled but I am sure I will put those mandarin tips to a good use lol!!
    one stroke nail art please cause im having real trouble !! i just ordered some polycolour paint and new brushes but could do with some help please :)
    hi your on my face book lisa's nails ( lisa Taundry) loved the lace and roses very nice !!
    Helloooo chuck
    I'm so sorry to hear about your father, I'm sending you a hug.
    If you have any Clients that are needing a pedicure or manicure, & you cant fit them in, you can recommend me, as I had a very good teacher hehe
    lots love
    keep your chin up be strong xx
    Hello huni hows you? hows the studio going you got it all straight now, Im slowly picking up yahhhh, did yiu get to go to the show then? x
    facebook hey..... haha just getting use to my phone, yeah went to the show it was fab, did you go, will have to pop up and look nat your purchases,
    Hello huni, You know the Gelish, can you use just the uv lamps & how long do they go in for? & after applied the first coat of gelish do you wipe before apply then next, also when cured before applying top coat do you wipe that x
    Hiya do you think there do starter kits, save me buying & I dont get on with it,or I should say I cant hehehe, Are you going the Birmingham show? x
    Where do you get it from I just want to try it first praps only het one do I need a base coat, primer,top coat etc x
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