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  • OOO youre so lucky going to hong kong ,the new colours look amaziing, i think im gonna have to get them lol hope u have a nice time out there haze x
    Seriously....you aren't going to help me out as to who'se is who'se strutt your stuff entries.....:irked:
    that thread has been left hanging lol:lol:
    Thanks for the friendship req :hug:

    You should be able to leave a message on my profile page now too xxx
    thank you so much not brought much of le chat yet only a few colours as feel like i have only just got use to systems i use .worried about converting so many q to ask about loe chat i8 worry myself lol
    Thank you -I clicked on it initially via the blog archive on the front page and it took me to a list of the numbers and names, but not pictures. I have found it your way now. Thanks x x x
    Hiya - did you remove your picture of the nobility colours from your blog? It was a great reference for true idea of the colours :cry:
    No I didn't enter in the end as my model from last year has moved away and I couldn't find another in time :(

    Good luck babe! You will have to let me know which ones are yours ;)
    just wanted to let you know that I saw your Halloween nails on your blog( I think) and I was so impressed, I tried doing them myself! You are such an inspiration!
    Wow you lucky thing that sounds a fantastic thing to be doing. I would be nervous but what an adventure you will have. xxxxxxx
    Hiya mate thanks for asking I have been poorly trying to sort my hrt out. Hope your well xxxxxxxx
    Actually had a great time - feeling all inspired and very excited about the future.

    Give me a call when you get the chance xxx
    hi angel fingers sorry i havent back to you...i've not had te time to come on salon geek. about the bio sculpture gel is tat i am keeping them for myself. i know they are like gold dust and expensive to buy, sorry..oh try ebay!

    the flight is around 12 hours but its not too bad! you will love it so much to see and do and perfect if you like shopping lol
    yeah i from northampton, well wellingborough actually thats where i work.
    Thank you for your kind reply to my discounting thread, put my mind at ease. Enjoy Hong Kong xx
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