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  • Aaaah thank you huni, :biggrin::biggrin:ok bit slow, only 2 next week 3 last week, you been to any shows? bet you cant wait to get all finished, I was up by you the other week, had to go the the hospice to do a lady there, god It was soooo sad I cryed :sad::sad::sad:
    What gorgeous weather:cool:
    Huni What do you use to do manicures what gel was thinking about gelac what you rec?
    Thanks for the rep! Glad to see I can still make use of my chemistry knowledge lol (my research for my degree was in computer modelling of surfactant chemistry incidentally lol)...
    I had to do my pedi last night, so I did it. lol I did two toes at a time, flashed for 10 seconds, did the big toe last, 10 second flash, and then two minute cure. Repeat all that for the second coat. I did it on my hands too, and I found that the gel feels less rubbery. Makes me wonder just how bad my bulb was in my 9 watt! lol
    Have you heard of anyone curing the Nobility gel with the Shellac lamp? I was having problems with the gel bubbling when using the Lechat 9 watt, even with a new bulb. It would look smooth, and then hours later bubbles would appear! I am hoping if I use the Shellac lamp it would eliminate that. It wouldn't over cure would it?
    let me know when it's good to come round, I'll bring cat treats! I spotted the poliester, I would be giving everyone electric shocks, so I left it alone too lol
    No worries, have you got your kittens yet? Can I come and see them, pretty please xxxxxxx Oh have you ever bought from La Beeby? do you know how roomy their sizes are. I've spread a bit, again lol
    Thanks for thinking of me, but I have one, I got it when I learned waxing from Kim xxx
    thank you fo rmy reps. am going to picket our local tesco if they so much as dare lol!!
    Thanks for the rep Susan. I think I am getting too old and grumpy for this site though, and I certainly shouldn't be on here at this time of night :eek: !!
    Thanks for the recommendation on the online shop thread, hope the shop site is doing really well for you :)
    Hello huni hows you? Is it poss some time I could pop up and have alook at your products for sale xx
    Thanks for the rep Susan, (I have just found out how to read them) hopefully Sam might like the idea too, no comments about it has been made since I wrote about the idea of the "geekbay group" so doesnt look too promising :( fingers crossed xx
    Thanks for the info hun, just wanted to check to make sure the was decent speed up time using these powders :) x
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