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  • Helloooo Huni Hows It going OOOh thank you for membering the books I thought you forgotten meeee, Hows the diet going? Im all over the place at mo must get back on track, I'm starting into a studio, so hopefully get back on me rice cakes, no day time telly and biscuits hehehe.xx
    Hello huni :)
    Wow I've just been looking at your shop shop:),
    Huni theres afew bits I would love:):):):) if I let you Know could I pick them up please,Wow how exciting :lol::lol: XX
    hi hon

    been looking at your website, your display board, is it in stock and how mush is it honey? I have been bitten by the nail art bug........ so wrong, and yet so right! I need some of your mandarin tips too but would prefer to order in one go xxxxx
    I will definitely be at Scottish Beauty next year, I know Hazel Dixon is planning on being there, so is Bonny Scotland too far for you? Who know you maybe demo'ing at it lol!!!
    No, although it does actually look as though it should be a good show this year with lots of new products and ranges going to be there.
    Love your new website btw, Ruth did a good job on it . Best of luck with it all.
    Snap, you beat me to it!!......I was either too long winded or take too long to type :lol:
    Hiya there huni that will be fab, I just put aset on yesterday, so when there ready to be done I will ring you up about monday hehehehe.....
    Aaaah thanx huni your a star xx
    Hello my dear :) hows you? hows the dec going? just wondered huni, if pos if you ever get a client that has sculptured gel nails? and that I could come along and watch, I'm thinking of getting into it as I had afew ladies that cancelled with me as I didnt do them:cry::cry:
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