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    Can I get IPL or laser hair removal? Please help!

    IPL should be used with caution. Though they state that IPL machine is safe and reliable it is always better to consult your doctor. Especially in your case with edema.
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    Facial massage

    Facial massage is a common procedure in many spa centers. And it is really very popular. Skin rejuvenating complexes include this procedure necessarily. 20 minutes massage with the use of avocado, grapeseed and apricot kernel oils gives perfect results. The skin looks fresh!
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    Fake tan?

    There is nothing bad about spray tan. However, if you have sensitive skin, tanning in any form, be it a lotion or spray, may cause skin irritation. That is why it is important to check the reaction of the skin on a suntan on a small area first.
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    Best hand cream for dry cracked skin?

    I had a similar problem, but, luckily, I've solved it with the help of paraffin. Paraffin softens hands very effectively. Grease your hands with cream and dip them in warm paraffin. Your hands will become soft and elastic. Do this procedure every day and you will notice positive changes pretty...