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  • Hi Angela, Never been to Millport, been on my to-do list since I moved down here when I eventually get round to it I will definately pop in and say Hi. Home Salon I do afew days a week and I am about to rent a room in Kilmarnock the other few, just finished working in a nail bar in Prestwick where I was doing Minx nails 3 days a week over the summer holidays. Hopefully start to build up a regular clientele now that the schools are back I got more time.
    Sheri xx
    Hey, just noticed you are from North Ayrshire. I am in Irvine. Just new to all this and thought it might be quite nice to say hi to someone local, I have set up a home salon and this site is soooooo helpful for me. I am off to see where Cumbrae is coz im not sure! xx
    Hi Hun. Thank you for the card, just recieved it. Looking so peacefully on that island, maybe I will pass through Scotland one day... XX
    Thank you :) Am booked on to the CND 5 day foundation course in Jan, hopefully that will help...

    Hello, they are great thanks really pleased I have had them done. They have faded this week a bit and she said that I need to have them touched up so am going back in july. How are you?
    HI angela
    Was lovely to meet you to. Im the same dont want to wash it off haha. Looks great its a really nice colour going to wash it off shortly. It turned out exactly the colour I would like probably slightly darker than the guide colour first was. Done my sister last night with 8 again using a few techniques you used and it looked much better she was dry straight away and could have went out like that so thank you. I found before my end result was always good but before they washed it it wasnt perfect so think ive sorted that now. Got two clients today aswell so will do them the same way. Thanks again x
    So glad to hear you're coming tomorrow.....you will really enjoy it, I promise...looking forward to seeing you x
    LOL, yes, so I see. You appear to have replied to your last visitor message to yourself rather than to the person! As it was in January, I think she'll be thinking you are not speaking to her! LOL
    Hi,Long time no speak !
    Business is ticking along, although a lot of vouchers being used :(
    Doing about 2 or 3 Hollywoods a week which isn't bad for down here !!!!
    My daughter is thinking of coming into this game, but don't know if it's just an easy option for her or not. She's finishing an HND in Glasgow in Retail Management & Business - but doesn't really like the trade (!)
    She's good at make-up and facepainting, but there's not much work out there for that.
    You had a holiday recently or are you too busy ?
    Thank you SO much for my secret santa gift....I love them. Have a very lovely christmas..:hug:
    hi angela, just to say hello! we trained together at langside, how time has passed, i opened a small salon in helensburgh last year and have recently opened a beauty room, hope you are well
    When are you needing your waxing done, You must go on holiday pretty soon. I've got some new wax to show you xxx
    Hiya - sorry not been on line for ages - moved house and my phone lines were in a total mess. Yes I am a gran - he is great - we get to see him whenever it suits evrybody, so hopefully things keep going that way. Hope you are doing well with your ork. Talk soon. Think I will be months catching up with all that I have missed. I couldnt log on from another computer cos I didnt remember my password, so will have to try and find out what it is in case it happens again. Thanks for getting in touch xx
    Oh yes! You'll be a favourite at parties as everyone wants to know all about it. Here if you need me. Kim xx
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