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    Lash lifting

    Elleebana do sachets and their processing times are super quick :)
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    Lash lift and tint

    Elleebana is taking the world by storm. The processing times are so much quicker than any other system :)
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    Eyelash adhesive

    Sky is not legal in the UK so please don't use it as your insurance won't cover you. :)
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    Which lash lift product?

    Elleebana for me. I've tried a lot and Elleebana is such a quick treatment and knocked 30 minutes off the previous brand I was using :)
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    Best individual lashes brand

    There's a few good ones to choose from now- Lash Factor, London Lash Pro, Lash Heaven, Velvet Lahes, MLab, Lash Vault to name a few :)
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    Which lash lift brand?

    Hi. Elleebana is very popular at the moment. It's been around about 10 years I think but was mainly in Australia. It's now global though and I think people like it because the processing time is much quicker. I've tried quite a lot of different brands and found them all much of a muchness to be...
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    Best lash lift?

    Up until trying Elleebana I would have agreed and I've always said that most lash lift brands are much of a muchness. I've tried so many over the past 8 years and found they gave ore or less the same result and the treatment was the same. Then I tried Elleebana. I must admit it took a few...
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    Best lash lift products?

    Elleebana for sure. Much quicker times and nourishing lotions. As long as you are lash lift trained and insured than you can use Elleebana products without having to do a separate course with them :)
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    Elleebana timings

    The first solution can be left on for 5-10 mins. 10 mins is for very resistant lashes and must people are fine with 6 or 7 minutes. The 2nd solution is left on for 5-6 mins. Elleebana recommend doing 6 mins for the first solution and 5mins for the 2nd solution for first time clients. The rods...
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    Flat lashes

    Flat lashes weigh less so you can put a lash on that gives the appearance of say a 0.15 but it will weight the same as a 0.07 or 0.10. x
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    Lash lift fail

    Try Elleebana. It's the brand everyone is talking about at the moment and everyone gets great results. Obviously it's dependant on the clients lashes but I've never had a bad lift with Elleebana and you can get a sample pack at Lash Factor.
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    Best lash brand and glue

    There's lots of reputable suppliers such as London Lash Pro, Lash Factor, Flawless Lashes, Lash Heaven :) x
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    Lash lift help driving me mad

    Are you making sure you only place the product at the base of the lashes? Sometimes they can look frazzled because they have been over-processed, or because they tips of the lashes have got solution on them, or sometimes it's just the growth cycle. I use Elleebana and they have nourishers...
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    Lash lift/lash perm

    Hi Gemma. With Elleebana you can get 2 treatments from one sachet and I know some techs can get 3. Also the rods can be sterilised and re-used. There's only 2 solutions. There's no need for a a nourishing solution as the first 2 solutions have nourishers in them. I charge £45 for a lift and tint...
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    Classic lashes, hooded eyelids

    You generally need a curlier curl or ideally an L+ curl. A lot of my ladies had hooded eyes and I needed to use slightly longer lengths too to get from out under that hood. Look at the client and see where the hood starts and that's where you need to start your longest lengths from. Quite often...