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  • hi, its a pain isnt it, having to now go and buy another one. Im looking for one at the moment but they are so expensive. Do you use the sanding bands or have you tried a carbide drill bit in your mani pro and if so does it still happen. I wonder if it is the vibration on the unit making it burn. If you find any good deals on a drill let me know. Abi
    ooo also i just buy little tubs of glitter now and then , like body glitter and mix hem with clear powder and if the colour doesnt come of the glitter which touch wood none of mine have yet, yo can hava gud play around lol - the glitter i got from new look is called StarGazer (they make those neon body paints) or young nails do pots of 8 glitters which are fab lolx
    thanks for the pic comment,the gel colours can be disapointing just as nail polish can be i think we forget that its basicly the same idea but for some reason we expect much more from a coloured gel.x
    ah thank you chick xx
    glad your not just round the corner from me or people would think i was a franchise of you lol
    yippeeeeeee :)got it tonight. Must have walked right past it:eek::eek: last night lol on my way to the wallpaper section.:smack: Thanks again xx
    ha ha snap i dont drive either, god help him cause i also want to go to ikea for a look for furniture for my that will take more than just one visit and then well someone will have to build it for me. (the things we put them through eh)
    yes that's what i will do tomorrow. I am sure hubby will be thrilled at the thought of having to go back there again. Got so far through there web site and got fed up looking.
    You made me laugh earlier you posted your message on your own page. I thought you had got fed up with your new wall paper stalker (i do that sometimes) post a message to myself not stalk lol xx
    hi oh dear :( I`m in dundee. when i got mine it was nowhere near the other wallpapers, it was in a section with a few other wallpapers which were all £7 per roll or 2 for a tenner there was cushions and mirrors in the same section x
    well that's me just back from b&q and they don't have it :( they do have one that is silver with pink leaves and swirls but not as pink as your one. Will have to look on line or try a few other b&q's where about's in Scotland are you im in Glasgow x
    now thats fantastic news, will speak nice to hubby and see if he can take me tomorrow fingers crossed my local one has it.
    thanks again xx
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