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  • Hi There,

    I am in Dumbarton, I have seen your shop it looks lovely, have you moved recently?. I did my training last year at Clydebank college with NSI going back for waxing this year. Good to see people on here from local area.. take care denise x
    Im good thanx, glad you`re doin well. we`re still busy at shop (no rest for the wicked) LOL. Youre shopp looks nice XXX
    ooh that sounds nice. I do hair in Stirling, have a room I'm going to rent out to a beautician hopefully. Also maybe taking on another girl to do hair as well. I would like to be able to do nails but I'm hoping that soon i won't be able to have time to do it as well as nails!
    where exactly is your salon? I'm in Stirling :) your shop front looks lovely, I need to work out how to upload my pics to here xx
    thank you. i had the open day on friday and worked yesterday as my first proper day...was reallyt busy!! :) thanks for all the well wishes. its exciting but scary too!!
    Hi Ann. What have they advised you to do on your training course? I wrap each nail individually. Your training manual will tell you everything you need to know. I still refer to it for things I may have forgotten. It really is a brilliant system. When do you go for your assessment? It's not as bad as you think. Just practice everything by the book and then once you've passed you will find a way of working that works for you. xx
    Sorry Ann, have been away so only just got your message! One coat of white is fione if tat s what you prefer....they say two thin coats as its supposed to be less prone to chipping, but I've never found that to be the case really., I do do two, but only cos I can better a crisper smile that way! I then always finish with S-gel for french....doesn't yellow anywhere near as much! xx
    sorry Ann I didn't stay around for results and nothing has been posted yet. I am hoping Karen did well and is travelling home to give us the good news.
    Hi I haven't been using Bio long either, November 08 I qualified. Good luck I hope it goes well. x
    Sorry I didn't get to say 'bye, but 'she who must be obeyed' never stopped long enough for me to interrupt - hope it's been helpful? I'm hoping to see you on your big day but will def pop in at some point soon (maybe even this weekend) did you get the trial sample? F x
    Hi Ann it was great to meet you to and thanks for that xx
    You did a fantastic job you shouldnt be so hard on yourself
    The nails in that pic were done a couple of years back, (so before Free Edge gel was out). They were done silk sculpts with sculpting gel and the natural nails were taken right down, so all the length is extended. For a natural overlay look now, try Blanc on the free edge. For natural look extensions now I would use Free Edge gel, with S-gel for strength, as its so much quicker and stronger x
    Hi....thanks for the comments on my picture. They were done a while back, just using the original sculpting gel and clear! Have you joined our Bio Sculpture social group? There's a load of Bio techs in there and we swap some really good hints and idea's. xx
    Hey Ann, was good to meet you too. I enjoyed being paired up with you. Im afraid i had to soak mines off, couldnt have 2 different hands for work. speaksoon X
    Hello! Thanks for the kind words about my salon; means a lot as I did the work myself with help from friends & family! I like the William Morris style print in your waxing room, and I think you've got the same hot stone heater as me - if that is a hot stone heater!
    Will do was over the other day at a friends house.

    If you go into a bigger premises and are looking for some help give me a shout. I am looking to work somewhere for a day a week to get some salon experience other than mobile.

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