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Anna from Toronto

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  • Hi love! Always love to hear from you. I don't think you are a cyber stalker ... Lol ... You know I only reply to the more interesting posts! Hope you are well. I hear you are planning a trip in the new year. I think we have to do it this time. I will be back from the states on jan 1st. XXX
    Happy Birthday Anna... haven't seen you on here for a while, hope all is well! :hug:
    Hi Anna Thank you for liking my comment. I just wondered if you have ever trained anyone or worked with anyone who is working in Fredricton. I am in London but have family in Fredricton NB who will require someone who is great at a soak off system. When they visit me I use Bio Sculpture or Artistic but to be honest I need a tech of the same standard as I for them. Avril PS I agree about your web site, you must be very proud of it.
    If my work looked anything like yours I'd be a very happy bunny!!... thanks for the inspiration x x x
    I know... Im so lucky! I look back sometimes thinking how it all started... I wasn't happy with my nailtech's work and I thought "I could do it better", went to school.... and (mind you, after 12 years)... here I am.. :) What's really cool is that my sister followed my steps and has been a nail technician for almost 3 years. Her work is awesome!

    Thank you for the compliment about my website... I wish you all the best :)
    wooo hooo, international jet set !

    glad to hear its all oing so well for you, you do great nails. it was your website that first got me interested in gels.
    Hi Anna, I have always admired you as a nail tech, your work is just amazingly beautiful!
    Hi Anna. Happy 2008. Your nails are perfection. You should join the Gel group and add some pics!
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