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Anna Lee
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  • Good to see you at Pro Beauty yesterday Anna, if only very briefly. Take care hun
    Thanks for the heart! I think the work you do is so important to the industry. But more than that it raises awareness of our cultures. The more we learn about each other the more we relialize we all want the same in life. Love, health and family. My husband is from a different culture than myself and its our differences that drew me to him.
    Hello Anna, I've just been looking at pictures of your work, unsurprisingly lovely! I can't wait to get stuck in and work on the techniques you taught me on Saturday. It was an invaluable session for me and I really thank you. Watch this space! Saskia x
    Hi flower, like the post below I saw your comments in the powder gel thread and the scratch magazine article and I think the work you are doing is amazing, keep it up your an inspiration xx
    Hi Flower just wanted to say loved your posts in the powder gel thread. did you appear in a feature in scratch this month? it was a fantastic read and loved the article. love n hugs xxx
    Hello just join group and got a quick question just opened up a shop and is in need of a nail technician please can you help or know anyon who can thanks
    Shellac is going really well. I was using the system a year before doing the training and needed the training for the certificate. I love it though! Got some nice little hints and tips from you, the best one being to stick the bottle between your legs to keep them warm..reducing the shake Happy new year to you Anna xxxxx do you know what the new colors are going to be??
    Hi Anna. You trained me with shellac in November and I just wanted to say thank you! Now it's January, I've finally got around to using salon geek ;-)
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