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  • If you are also a Skin Pro, please may I ask you to update your Profile as soon as possible. Thanks.
    If there nails are dehydrating are you using bio sculptures gel remover or CND D'solve.? Either way these ladies really must start to use there solar oil etc x
    All all honesty there wont be much difference in cost by doing an infill..

    You will have had to file a good load of gel down, re-apply the white (once if sufficient remnant is left behind of no1) and infill the new growth. The time taken to do all of this makes soaking off quicker as there really isnt much saving in doing infills.

    How much are you charging for a French overlay vs a set of french extensions ?
    Are you charging for soak off or giving the service away for free ?

    I dont charge for soak off BUT I really should. I know if they dont like to pay then they would be more inclined to soak it off themselves & buy in Gel Remover & speeding up your service in the long run.....
    Hi, - You asked : When the client comes back two weeks later do you remove and start again or do you fill just the regrowth and not touch the white or do you fill by filing off most of the white and redo white part and then go over with clear?

    I've found when I used clear base & clear or S Gel finish filing them the gel just went rubbery so I just soak off...

    As I was getting fed up of gels lifting & trying to fathom the best combination of gels to keep them on for 3+ wks I ended up on advice going the following gel combinations on all of my 30+ clients....

    A full nail prep, with cuticle remover & clients to wash their hands... Like most on this BS forum were all using Scrubfresh to remove pathogens & oils from the nail plate before applying gels.
    Then I use sealer gel instead of clear gel onto the nail plate (perfectly allowed) followed by a not too thick/thin layer of sculpting gel. Then apply 2 coats of colour ( each being cured 2 minutes) and then finish with S Gel .

    Using this method of application you would be able to happily do infills on returning clients & the gels wouldnt go rubbery...
    Hi hun! I love your Konad nail art stuff. Is Konad easy to use? Which is best the plates or stamps? Thank you! xxx
    I'm on holiday in florida for 2 weeks, please is there anywhere near FL33844 where I can buy a shellac uv lamp as they are still! out of stock in uk
    Hi there!
    Just checked it out there - was on holidays for the last week! Actually its fab - I like the way you have given the options yet said that you do not carry all designs - this covers you - the added links is a bonus too
    well done -I like!
    would love to check out your website and your minx gallery and link - please send me your link
    Hey sorry to bother you but i saw your posts re:OPI soak-off Gel.....Hope you dont mind me asking, but where could i get some? Would like to have a go x Thanks Shelley x
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