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  • Is it good for peely nails? I want an alternative to shellac for clients with week peely nails.
    Hiya huni,
    Just saw in your album your done some wedding nails,what did you stick them with, And where did you get them from x
    Hi...not sure you saw my reply to the 9ct gold post charms but you can get them from Exquisite Creations - the post is pages away now and didnt want you to miss it as these, I think are what you looking for x x
    you have to keep the slices as thin as possible, usual prep then i usually apply a thin layer of acrylic and position the canes where i want them, leave to dry and move on to others if all 10 nails are being done. Then just cover as normal with the 3 beads.
    Same with gel really, prep a thin layer of gel, position canes where you want them, do the four fingers and cure, just so the canes don'tmove when you are building up the apex, then build the nail as normal. Hope this helps anymore questions please ask. xx
    The system I used is only here in Montreal, small private company. But a dip system is probably the easiest start for 17yr olds with unrealistic expectations and short attentions spans lol I think L&P would likely be too daunting for them.
    I've heard great things about Backscratchers..
    Never used it myself, but seems to be 'the name' on an international level
    Best of luck
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