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  • I don't know where they "move" the posts to, but I thought I would let you know that I have been told that CND as a company direct markets to the public and will allow the sale of their professional grade products be sold directly to the consumer. So there is really no "diversion" involved. I was very surprised to learn this. I guess that all I have been doing to increase awareness, push for standardization in licensing and regulations means nothing if "anyone" can buy and use the same products that we do.
    Hi there,just responding to the post where everyone is slating your gumtree ad.Sorry to hear about that!I went on the link but couldn't find your ad.Could you possibly tell me your fees?
    Many thanks
    Thank you for the lovely Secret Santa necklace; will definitely have to get some nice pics of me wearing it in due course :)
    thanks for the friend request, the nails in ur pics look fab, hope i can do them that well one day xx
    re chat - Only people on your friend's list will show in the chat window so if they're not on-line at the same time as you then you can't chat to them that way, but, being as you're a premium geek you can send them off-line chat messages via their profile page by clicking on the chat bubble.
    hi ya honey... its good to see ur happy with tantrick... your tans are ace. xxxxxxxx vanessa
    Hiya I used gel IBD clear then mixed red glitter in till i got the amount of red in I wanted. Thanx for your comment.
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