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  • haha, I know its a nightmare finding the time to train! I'm not in a salon either. I have a day job then do mobile in the evnings and weekends. Hopefully be able to open my own salon in a few years or maybe set up at home .....
    Oh annabet I have to tell you I have been more than overwhemed by the comments I have recieved. And I thank you for taking the time to wish me luck. Take care love sylvia x x (Aspire) (don't worry I send every one my love it must be the mediteranean in me)
    Hi Nic No I work from home mainly friends and Family, hopefully within the next couple of years once my illness is sorted will be doing mobile, until then just doing as much training as I can.
    what are you up to do you work in a salon or run your own ? I love doing nails am just doing a nail art course with EN at the moment well when I get chance to look at it lol.
    Hello, Your right, I was starting to think I was the only geek from Rochdale!!!! So, do you work in a salon???
    Hiya, just logged on after a week and read your msg in my album. Thankyou for the comment hun, i bought the french flame tips from proimpressions :) x
    Hiya Valencian Thanx I need to read the how to tutorial on the site but there is so much to read on the site never get round to it lol. Thanx Tracy
    Hiya wild how are you hope your ok just doing some geeking lol I am starting a nail course next week so hopefully will be able to add some good pics for all to see.
    Speak to ya soon
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