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    Hello I have just gone to order Organics Rapid Tan and it is out of stock and I need it for the weekend, so I was wondering if anyone has tried the La Tan fast tan or the Nouvatan 20%. I wandered if any of these products are similar to the Organics Rapid Tan. :)
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    Do you use Nail Pinchers when doing acrylics?

    Hi Gemma I have watched your video's and would like to say thanx, I have thoroughly enjoyed them and think your talent is amazing, it is really nice that you are willing to help other's for free and I only wish I was half as good as you are. We have all been taught differently I have dont...
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    Spray Tan after Pregnancy

    Hiya panick over she has just been the tan looked great the patch was hardly noticable and she said it was the way she had laid in bed with her husband as he had tan on him where her leg had been.
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    Spray Tan after Pregnancy

    Hiya Thanx for replying I thought it may have something to do with hormones I did say that to her, hopefully they will cover up when respraying. When i redo her legs should I just go over the patches or her whole leg ? I am not sure never had to do it before. Thanx Tracy
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    Spray Tan after Pregnancy

    Hiya I have searched the threads but can't find anything about Spray tanning after Pregnancy. I sprayed a girl last night and she has had a baby 7 week ago, she text this morning to say she has a couple of patches on her legs, I did her friend also and she says her Tan is lovely, I know I do...
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    Shellac or Gelish

    Hiya I use both and both have the same longevty :)
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    What is your salon Facebook?

    Hi all my new facebok group is Beauty at Tracy's I have changed it. Thanx
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    What car do you drive?

    Hi I got an American Ford F150 Harley Davidson Special Edition, did have a Mitsubushi Diamond and loved it, but love my Harley and don't think I will ever get rid of it :)
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    Shellac with CND Effects?

    Hiya this is how they where done, Tutti Frutti as normal with top coat removed dispersion layer, then the effect over the top of the top coat, then base coat from shellac, then the top coat from shellac, they are picture number 44 on the Shellac for nail professionals on facebook :)
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    Shellac with CND Effects?

    Hi If you go on Facebook and join the group Shellac for Nail Professionals they are on page 44 of the pictures :)
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    Shellac with CND Effects?

    Hiya I did Shellac Tutti Frutti as normal, then the Rasberry Sparkle over the top then base coat then top coat from shellac and they lasted the 14 days and where fab didn't do anything to the shellac at all, only changed them as I wanted a change of color :)
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    Geeg doing a DVD? All those in favour, say aye!

    Hello a resounding yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss :)
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    Uber light massage couch, can you help?

    Hiya I just got from Ebay for £69.98 and I am very impressed it is guaranteed for 12 month here is the seller name feelgood-uk item number 220688211347 :)
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    Lack of certificate!! Help please

    Hya did you not have to send copies of your cetificate to your insurance ?? if so they will have it on file, also did you not have to send copies of them to buy products as most company's ask you before you are allowed to buy professional products so they may have them on file also, worth...
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    Onycholysis? Why?

    Wow they look great now :)