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  • Hey, how's you...heard you were working in a salon in Fishponds. How's it going? xxx
    Dont let your bro get to you. We can have a good moan about him on wednesday lol. It will be great see you. Plus anyone that knows you knows hes talking pants! x
    Hiya Anne! Thank you for wishing me good luck! As always, I am scared like xxx...:-D Will you go to Excell? I have booked my flight hotel so I'll be there. Hug C.
    hiya i was in the same class as u doing gels at lawrence weston. my name is laura, just wondered if you remembered me?! hope everything is going well!
    Hi hun, sorry if it's a pain but have decided to hang on to it except the Flawless.
    You are a naughty girl - I blooming love my Secret Santa gift, it's so beautiful, thank you very, very much:hug::hug::hug:
    Hi huni
    Thanks for the friend request. I`ve got my cnd conversion course in Feb and vetty is kindly popping across to be a model for my niece who is also doin the course. I also use NSI too hun. xx
    Good...I'm getting sedated,.....BRING ON THE COUNTDOWN .......
    lol :D

    Here's to us and no toothache hey hun xxxxxxxx
    I was in so much pain last night with it hun, then woke up at 6am this morning and cried like a baby lol,.....took waaaayyy too many painkillers (bit silly really but you know what its like)
    Fell asleep and touch wood havent had pain all day...

    My appt is NEXT monday at the hospital, thats just for the consultation....I dont need one..I can tell them exactly what needs doing...they know what needs doing or I wouldnt have bloody been refered there :grr:
    Then back on the waiting list to get it out...
    It sure is hunny,
    I am hoping one of them finds my t-shirt thread tomorrow,
    I am getting lost in the world of old threads here lol..
    Once I go in that search function, I'm not back for hours !!! days even !!!!
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