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  • Sounds ace, is it going good so far? Didnt know that you did beauty too :O Still doing nails though not half as many as I used to - have been off the radar for a while. Still going though and just finding my way round again really, not sure where i'm headed next but know I'm headed somewhere :D xx
    Hey Annemarie, How are you doing? Its been ages! Have not been on here for a long while, have been busy doing some healing stuff and a course, and a few other bits xx
    Super glad that all is good, it is pretty mu ch the same here looking very much forward to Christmas, tonight finaly get to put my decs up! Enjoy the season you two xoxo xx
    Hi Annemarie how is it going your way? Hope all is very well and good.. prepping for christmas eeep xx
    Hey! Herbalife works by having 2 shakes and a meal a day. Im not a rep so i dont want to tell you wrong but this is how it works for me.
    For me to lose weight i pretty much have to eliminate the problem (food), I just over eat when i do slimming world :( xx
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    Hello my lovely! Been hitting the librarian thing hard....big project....long hours. Will be pretty much in an out of SG for the next year while I complete this thing. Thanks for the warm message. <3
    Hi Annemarie, Delighted to finally meet you this weekend. It was a blast . I'm wrecked now but it was worth it.
    Hi Annemarie. So glad to put a real person to the geek. It was lovely to meet you this weekend :). Vicki x
    near enough, Hope to be in the hotel by 8 . hopefully I'll catch up with you then. x
    Hello lovely you! I posted some pictures on my website too if you'd like to have a nose its glamglamnails.co.uk .. I will have a look at your lovely pics now too xoxo
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