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  • poor babes , at least hes had his injections , might be alot worse if he hadnt ,
    hope hes better fast x
    I've been doing well thanx. It's been busy in the salon the past few weeks with Christmas etc but has slowed down now. Time for me to catch up on the dreaded paperwork. (Hate that bit of being self-employed). What you been up to? Any more vacations planned?
    Hiya Annemarie! Thank you xx. I haven't changed color since November. It's still red and black, but with a whole lotta root action cuz I'm too lazy to touch up. :lol:
    Hi Annemarie , excited much about the Event......I couldn't sleep last night...
    Hello Choochy :)
    Warfarin thins the blood and if the client was cut they may bleed a lot. The bikini area can produce a lot of spot bleeding because the hairs are so coarse and this may be a problem. I would ask her to get a doctors referal to be sure. Has she had a bikini wax before while she has been on this medication?
    Hello Hun
    How's you yeah Easter eggs
    Just a quick just wondering I have a lady always has waxing wants bikini is on warfarin will this be ok
    She always has nails peds facials etc
    Thanks Hun xx
    that's very fair of you. Hopefully it will work out well. I have 2 part-timers. They are both relatively new (18months and 12 months with me)I've had good and bad dealings with staff over the years and would prefare it if I was working alone at this stage- they can be a headache
    hi annemarie, just wondering how did you get on with the junior you had ?
    Click Blogs, click Post to Your Blog, scroll down to Options, then check the box which says Restrict entry viewing to Contacts and Blog Moderators.
    My Forum is your direct line to Moderators and Geek Guides only, so it is obviously restricted. If you wish to post privately, you can always post to your Blog but make it a private entry so that only your "Friends" can read it. Hope that makes sense. HTHs :hug:
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