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  • Sounds lovely and ooooh yes, I adore anything to do with crystals, shiny facets and sparkles. I guess were Magpies ;) xx
    Thank you for the picture comment :) I love those nails too - miss them when I dont have them on!
    Ok will have a look for your facebook pics and have a look there too.. you have some lovely ones in your albums here! Its great to look back and see how we evolve with application and stuff I am with you on this x
    Have you put any pics up yet of your cnd master painting? Gonna have a browse through your albums now :)
    Well of courese it is my sweet .. I dont say anything is great if it isn't!! One day you will learn to trust me lol. Enjoy it.XXX
    Thanks for your message Ann-Marie. I'm not sure what method we are getting taught yet. Will let you know how I get on and what I thought. Jo x
    Anne Marie, you are welcome to pop along to see everything anytime your free. If you want to come down to be sprayed on our next training day then that could be arranged. Let me know if you want to and i will let you know the dates.
    Just seen your blog/post/whatever on someone being addicted to blogs lol so funny! Was it aimed at that geek who replied? Where about in Liverpool are you? x
    Hi, hope you don't mind me messaging you, but I noticed on your 'about me' section that you have Millenium down under your brands. Just wondered how you find it? I'm new to this and doing my first course in a few weeks, using Millenium. Since booking though, I haven't managed to find people saying many good things about them, so was getting a little worried! Thanks. x
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